Getting to Know Us... 

What is Charity Ledger?

Itís a fund-accounting system designed to track your internal fund accounts. For example, if your organization has various purpose-specific accounts such as scholarship, operating and special-task funds CLRS can help you track those funds individually. Reaching to our deep roots in the school market, a typical high school would manage fund accounts for the various student activity programs, athletic teams and perhaps a few faculty or trust funds.

Many small non-profits manage their checkbooks with a traditional accounting program and then track their fund accounts on electronic spreadsheets or with a manual system. This works fine at a rudimentary level but spreadsheet/manual tracking of fund accounts does not provide the controls or audit trail that accountants and auditors want to see.

One of our executives here at the Surfside Lighthouse Group, Inc. has worked extensively with a medium-sized charitable foundation for over ten years. During the first five years, the foundation used a spreadsheet-based fund accounting system and during the past five years it has used our School Ledger package to track its fund accounts. The treasurerís life has gotten much easier since they implemented School Ledger and their CPA is much happier, most especially as the charity has grown and its accounting has become more complex.

We have priced Charity Ledger so that it is within the financial reach of most small non-profit organizations. As we have in the school market, it is the goal of the Surfside/Heritage team to create relationships that last for many years based upon excellent customer service, feature-rich software and prices that make sense to everyone.

Charity Ledger offers basic fund account management and reporting along with an electronic checkbook, donor tracking, encumbrance accounting, purchase orders, cash receipting and bank reconciliation.

We offer the manual as a PDF download, or our sales team will be happy to send you a hard copy for review in desired.  The full program is available on a 30-day trial basis.

Why Choose Heritage?

When you choose the Charity Ledger family of fund accounting software, you choose a company with an unparalleled commitment to customer service. Our customer support is unmatched in the industry both for the knowledge of those who answer your questions and the responsiveness of our staff. We will take the time to learn how your organization works and to help you configure our software to work well with the way you do things. At Heritage we listen and we respond.

If you speak with our staff on the phone you will find us to be the plainspoken New Englanders that we are. We do not lead you down the primrose path, promising the moon and delivering something less. Our prices are affordable because we don't have a battalion of high-pressure salespeople struggling to "make commission" this month - and willing to say whatever it takes to close a sale. We do not pressure customers into expensive training or unreasonable support agreements. Our products are developed and supported by our own staff right here in Massachusetts - not by off-shore contractors, college students or "independent representatives". We take your needs seriously and enjoy direct contact with our customers.

What is Charity Ledger NOT?

Charity Ledger is not a payroll processing system, an accounts receivable package, an invoicing tool or a fixed asset depreciation system. We find that most small charities either donít need this functionality or outsource tasks such as payroll to affordable service providers who take full responsibility for such tasks.

Charity Ledger is not a business or manufacturing accounting package that was patched to (kind of) make it work in a non-profit environment. Its sister product School Ledger was designed from Day One as a fund accounting package and so too is Charity Ledger. The only accounting software we publish is fund accounting software.