Trial Software Downloads 
Charity Ledger is offered as a fully functioning product that will operate on a trial basis for up to 30 days. When you purchase the product you will receive a serial number that will unlock the program for unlimited use.

Note for Vista Users:  Charity Ledger runs on Vista, Microsoft's latest operating system.  Due to Vista's tight security system, it is necessary to change a few settings during installation and the program's first use.  Once up-and-running, the security system can be restored to its original settings.  Please read these instructions to configure Vista's UAC security system.
Charity Ledger-Report System
Version 2
May 18, 2009
Charity Ledger-Report System is a fund accounting software program that a non-profit organization or charity can use to track its various internal funds.  From in-house trust accounts to donor directed programs, Charity Ledger-Report System can help you manage your fund accounts efficiently. CLRS is part of a family of fund accounting software that has been trusted by financial professionals since 1986.