Charity Ledger

Charity Ledger - Report System


Charity Ledger is a fund accounting software program that a non-profit organization or charity can use to track its various internal funds.  From in-house trust accounts to donor directed programs, Charity Ledger can help you manage your fund accounts efficiently. CLRS is part of a family of fund accounting software that has been trusted by financial professionals since 1986.

Consider Charity Ledger for Organization-Wide Implementation

Charity Ledger is a perfect for organizations with site-based management of individual offices but require supervisors to monitor and audit each location. It works equally well for a small, single-office organization.

Our staff works closely with top-level financial officers and staff to ensure that each organization receives the attention it deserves while maintaining an open, effective line of communication to its management. This ensures that concerns at an individual charity may be addresed long before audit time arrives.

Charity Ledger Features


  • Single-entry bookkeeping
  • Intuitive and very easy to use
  • Fully interactive transaction register
  • Comprehensive donor tracking system
  • Fully interactive chart of accounts
  • Excellent audit trail
  • Instant transfer of funds between accounts
  • Excellent technical support
  • Very affordable price
  • Easy to use check-writer
  • Check writing and ledger posting originates from a single entry point
  • Allows manual or computer-generated checks
  • Supports purchase orders and encumbrance tracking
  • Provides an excellent, interactive electronic check register
  • Easy to use bank reconciliation function
  • Prints receipts and automatically posts them to the general ledger and checkbook
  • Provides computation of vendor 1099 totals
  • Supports electronic fund transfers and debit cards


  • Virtually unlimited number of accounts, sub-accounts, sub-sub-accounts...etc.
  • Virtually unlimited number of transactions per month (and per fiscal year)
  • Virtually unlimited maximum fund balance
  • Up to 50 account splits per multi-account check
  • Up to 50 lines per purchase order
  • Checks may be printed on laser printers or dot matrix
  • Virtually unlimited number of open purchase orders
  • Unlimited number of transactions per month

Transaction Data

  • Date of transaction
  • Transaction, check or receipt number
  • Description of up to 60 characters
  • Explanation of up to 60 characters
  • Internal reference number
  • Transaction status (i.e. cleared, not-cleared, reconciled)
  • Account number/account name
  • Amount received or disbursed

Donor Tracking System

  • Maintains a virtually unlimited number of donor records
  • Manages detailed demographic data for each donor
  • Supports an unlimited number of “campaigns” to track various types of giving categories
  • Allows the user to assign donors to one or more “donor groups”
  • Functions with both ongoing fund-raisers and special events
  • Prints donor letters or individual donation letters using a powerful, built-in word processing writing utility
  • Records all letters sent to a donor through Charity Ledger
  • Builds reports by both “campaign”, donor group and individual donor
  • Prints donor summary reports for distribution to individual donors
  • Publishes mailing and shipping labels for your donors
  • Allows a specific letter to be assigned automatically to a particular campaign
  • Prints donation acknowledgement letters either when the donation is processed or at a more convenient time
  • Provides a comprehensive, on-screen donor history
  • Generates individual donor statements while one is viewing the donor record
  • Permits a single donation to be allocated across several fund accounts
  • Holds processed donations in un-deposited funds until the user is ready to make a bank deposit
  • Maintains an audit trail on edits to individual donations
  • Offers a centralized donor management screen that contains a record of virtually all contributions and correspondence your organization has had with the donor, as well as a free-form “notes” field where your staff can leave remarks and personal notes.

Financial Reports

  • Overall transaction report - Chronological list of all transactions for a month - includes starting and ending balance, total receipts and outflows)
  • Account report - Chronological list of all monthly transactions sorted by account number, includes account financial summaries)
  • Fund transfer report - Monthly chronological list of all transfers of funds between ledger accounts
  • Summary report - Lists all accounts' initial balance, balance at close of previous month, total monthly receipts and disbursements, net transfers and end-of-month balance
  • All reports may be compiled between any two dates you specify within the current fiscal year
  • Searches for a transaction based on virtually any element of data in the system
  • All reports, the chart of accounts, general ledger and checkbook may be exported for use with other applications
  • All reports may be sent via email and the account database also may be emailed - a great time-saver for sending data to central office staff, auditors or technical staff
  • Checkbook register
  • Encumbrance summary - lists funds encumbered and available amounts by ledger account
  • Purchase order summary - lists open purchase orders and details about encumbrances
  • Detailed purchase order report - shows all information about each purchase order
  • Outstanding check report
  • Formal reconciliation report
  • Vendor 1099 tracking report

Free Trial Version

A free, thirty-day trial version of Charity Ledger-Report System is available for download.  If you prefer, you may contact us to have a CD mailed to your address.


Charity Ledger carries a retail price ranging from $345 to $1095 depending on the size of your organization and several other factors. Please call, e-mail, or fill out our price request form and we'll quickly compute a price for you.