Charity Ledger-Report System Fund Accounting Software
Charity Ledger is a fund accounting software program that a non-profit organization or charity can use to track its various internal funds.  From in-house trust accounts to donor directed programs, Charity Ledger can help you manage your fund accounts efficiently. CLRS is part of a family of fund accounting software that has been trusted by financial professionals since 1986.

  • Charity Ledger is a full-featured fund accounting system that includes checkbook functionality as well as donor tracking, purchase orders, receipts and encumbrance accounting.
The Charity Ledger family is based upon Heritage’s popular School Ledger-Report System that has served America’s schools since 1986. Over the years, we found that many churches and small non-profits were purchasing School Ledger to manage their fund accounts.  For the past five years we have conducted extensive tests of this system in the non-profit community.  Now we have decided to split off Charity Ledger as a stand-alone product line so it can evolve separately from our school-based accounting systems.

If you have any questions about Charity Ledger as you read through these pages please feel free to email or call us at 800-942-9008, extension 110.